Hello Girlies,

Hope everyone is doing fine. Who doesn’t have Dark Circles, Tan Patches and Spots? There may be only some of them blessed with glowing and healthy skin. But for many of us those problems have become our nightmare. For permanent solutions we have to visit doctors, eat a healthy diet, use skin cream which is a lengthy procedure and ultimately we have to do but for a temporary solution the best way to hide them is to conceal them by using a good Concealer or eraser. Today many such products are available in the market, & Out of those many, I have found the perfect shade and texture for myself. So I thought I would like to share my views on it.

MaXFactor has one such product which is a temporary solution for all the above problems



MaXFactor Erace Concealer - 02 Fair



What MaXFactor claims:
Cover your dark circles effortlessly with the Max Factor Erace Concealer and get an even toned skin to flaunt. The ultra-creamy texture of this Max Factor Concealer glides slickly on your skin and offers you a perfectly smooth-looking skin. Be it spots or blemishes, this Max Factor face makeup camouflages all your flaws and makes you look beautiful. The Max Factor Erace blends evenly on your skin; while the matte finish avoids the greasiness on your skin. This Max Factor Concealer is the best formula to hide all your imperfection. A must have in every women's handbag, this Max Factor face makeup makes you ready for a quick get-together.
It can be used on top of foundation for a flawless, long-lasting effect and then set with powder for professional results
My Opinion:
The formula of MaXFactor Erace Concealer is not very creamy but not too thick, this Concealer can be easily blendable with fingers. This product covers the dark circles, dark patches and any redness visible on the skin. For best results apply a translucent powder on it.
I personally wear this under my eyes and it lasts for several hours. It’s really good for people who have oily skin because it gives a matte finish. It does not have any sparkles or glitter or any shimmer. It’s better than all the high end products, seriously this Concealer does it all. The packaging is like a lipstick tube with blue and golden color at the outer part.
It has a very light powdery fragrance which many won’t be fond of. I really don’t mind the fragrance as far as the product works fine for me.
It comes in a smaller size of a lipstick packaging, I have compared my Revlon Lipstick with MaXFactor Erace and you can see the difference below.

Price: Made in Ireland. Not sure about the availability in India but I got for 3 RO in Muscat (Approx 430Rs in India).

Quantity: Not mentioned
·         Covers Dark circles, Pimples, Spots, It gives medium to full coverage
·         Travel Friendly, Light weight, Small in size can fit anywhere easily even in a wallet.
·         Inexpensive as compared to other high end products.
·         Glides easily with fingers.
·         Gives a flawless effect.
·         Long Lasting.

·         Dry Skin people couldn’t use this because it would be hard to blend on them.
·         Availability Issue.
·         Fewer variants to choose from.
·         Quantity and Ingredients are not mentioned on the product.

My Final Verdict:
I am in love with this product and surely would buy again, Give it a try if possible. As I have mentioned below, people with oily and combination skin can go for this product. Also if anyone suffering from any skin problems should consult doctor before using all such face products since the ingredients are unknown,
LBA Rating;
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